Awareness is like space

Awareness is like space. It judges not what is right or wrong, but simply contains all that exists. It is an intimacy that has no boundary. It knows no hurt, harbors no enemy, and words seem to fail at describing its utter simplicity. It is the very substance of peace.

Fighting is the nature of the mind. It resists reality. It builds walls and defense mechanisms to protect itself. Its judgments are the walls. It is surrounded by the good and bad, right and wrong, and therefore the simplicity of truth, which is non-dual, cannot be perceived. Awareness is the doorway through which the mind could glimpse at non-duality.

All is already perfect. The mind wants to act as God, to be the judge, to praise or condemn. But the Bible already illuminates: do not judge and you will not be judged. There is no judgment that can be true, because God judges no one. Whatever exists is by the grace of God, and as God's creation, is perfection and sacred. Hell is made by the mind, and as mind believes in the validity of its own judgment, it is also trapped in its own hell. Let go of the mind's judgment, and heaven shall reveal itself, not as the opposite of hell, but as what is already: pure, simple, and serene.


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Cover photo by Aman Upadhyay on Unsplash