Words are the blinders

Words are like a screen. They shade the already innocent reality. Shadows are created by words, in the forms of speeches and ideologies. There is no ideology that isn't violent. The ultimate aim of ideology is to change the world into its image. Ideology is very violent in its incessant demand to occupy every being. The anti-ideology is the same, just ideology deceiving itself to be its opposite. There is no opposite.

The fascination with words partly stems from the profits and power that can be gained from them. It is a collective dream, in which all dreamers take the dream very seriously. When the dream is taken seriously, then what the dream is about becomes very important. Similarly, when the words are taken seriously, then the content of the words becomes very important. That is why words can incite massacres, genocides, abuses, and so on. It seems so absurd that some words on a screen or on a piece of paper can induce and build up to such violence, but it is so in our world. If one only sees that words are mere words, meaning that they are symbols without any substance, then such violence cannot take root in the psyche. After all, words are an interpretation of reality. No interpretation is ever accurate. All interpretations distort. Although interpretations might be very beautiful and serene, or frightening and threatening, they are not what is being interpreted. The innocence of reality can only be found without interpretation, which means it cannot be found at all. There is no direction to innocence. Innocence already is. It is the seeking of it that covers such innocence.

Human endeavor is so concerned with words that the human is likened to the soldier who buries his head in the sand on the battlefield. Words are the blinders. If one is concerned at all with how to end violence, it is the wordless or the indescribable that needs to be perceived. Words are already empty. When they are empty and void of meaning, how can any interpretation be formed with any validity? Without interpretation, what is the need to change? There is no need to change, therefore there is no need for violence.


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Cover photo by Aman Upadhyay on Unsplash