There is only intuition

Intuition is divided from knowing. The mind believes that intuition is a specific kind of knowing. In other words, intuition is believed to be a knowing without a cause. This is the error, as there is no cause, so all knowing is intuition. Cause exists only as a concept in the mind. In reality, there is no cause. By looking at a tree, one might derive a cause from it, such as the tree was planted by someone in a distant past. This entire thought stream is a process of conceptualization. The cause is conceptualized out of the seeing of the tree. In reality, there is only the seeing of the tree, and then the seeing of this conceptualization process. Nothing causes anything to happen.

This means, that the cause is not different from the tree. They are both only appearance which exists. The cause is believed to be apart from the tree. It is not apart, as the thought of them being apart is only another appearance. This is a game the mind cannot win, because whatever the mind conjures up becomes reality. It can never find the cause of anything because it creates the cause as a reaction. The cause is the effect of seeing something. The cause is the effect. This means, there is no cause, but only effects, only appearance.

Without the cause, knowing is not divided from intuition, because there is no kind of knowing that has a cause. Logical thinking is believed to be a sequence of thoughts happening in the mind. There is no sequence of thoughts when there is only thinking. The mind can only be aware of this sequence when it has created the image of the sequence. Yet, this image is not a sequence. This image is what it is. This image comes from nowhere, and it is itself intuition.

So, all of life is intuition. The functioning of the mind is intuition. There is no sequence of thoughts, no logical adherence, no conformity, and this is freedom. Any adherence to logic is only appearing to be adhering. Yet, this very adherence appears without adhering to anything. Therefore, the mind is always aware of itself. There is no point in time or space that the mind can be unaware of itself, because everything is itself, and it is everything. Therefore, it would be pointless to even name it the mind or everything. It is only that which is. That is why, this profound reality cannot be named, described, yet it abides. It is beyond any conceptualization, because any concept is the nameless becoming name. One can never escape the nameless, so there is no point to pursue the nameless. Without the nameless, there is no name.


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Cover photo by Aman Upadhyay on Unsplash