The thread of thought

Thought is confusion. Clarity is seeing without thought. Thought is the thread that continues in time. A thread tangles. Such is its nature. The detangling is still the thread’s work, so entanglement is the inevitable consequence.

Thought is the conditioned response to newness. That newness then is translated by thought into the past. Emergence is then put on the clothing of memory, so that it could be recognized. 

Recognition, then, is the beginning of this entanglement in time. Actually, nothing is entangled. It only appears to be. The thread of thought can be dropped at any moment. It is only continuously picked up as if it is the solution to everything.

The clarity of mind is light, both illuminating and weightless. It shares with the quality of clear water, transparent. It shares with the quality of the sun, light-giving. It isn’t the mess that thought can build, no matter how attractive it seems. The cathedrals, the holy paintings, the sculpted man, and the beautiful words of scripture are all thought’s product. Clarity is the emptying of all that. Then there is a revolution, a new birth, without a cause, without the bondage of time.

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Cover photo by Aman Upadhyay on Unsplash