The Mind and the Heart

The heart resting on the mind is instability. The mind resting on the heart is effortless living.

The substance of the heart is formless, yet the heart might be deceived by the forms of the mind to be a particular form. This identification results in misery.

The heart is the I Am, the Being without being anything.

The heart is the source of intent. It is much stronger than the will of the mind. The mind cannot help but to follow the heart. When there is conflict between the two, great psychological disasters take place. The mind either yields or breaks. Yielding is called surrender. Breaking is called insanity.

The heart is much more receptive to truth. It needs no explanation. The mind is addicted to explanations, and can masquerade falsehood as truth. When the mind follows the heart’s perception, there is harmony. Otherwise, great emotional turmoil results, such as sorrow, depression, anger, fear.

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Cover photo by Aman Upadhyay on Unsplash