The absolute does not compromise

The common perception of something uncompromising seems to be related to fixation, rigidity, solidity. If someone does not compromise, it means that said person holds on to a certain principle or idea and will not budge from pressure. In the relative sense, uncompromising could be interpreted as such. In the absolute sense, to hold on to anything is only the sign of compromise. What is absolutely uncompromising is uncompromising under any circumstances, which includes death.

So, a person could not be said to hold on to anything if it dies. The absolute, however, is uncompromising in death as well. The absolute is uncompromising precisely because there is no situation for it. It doesn't have any situation or circumstance, because it is all circumstances.

Therefore, there is no precondition for the absolute to be true. The absolute is always true. And in this sense, the word “true” has no meaning, because when the absolute is true always, it is also false always. True and false has no significance for the absolute. It is in the relative sense that true or false have any significance. For the absolute, nothing is true and everything is true.

The absolute, therefore, transcends language. Language can no longer describes it, because language only has meaning in the relative sense. For the absolute, there can be language, or no language, or anything for that matter, and it does not compromise.

One could also say that the absolute is everything, can be anything or nothing, absolutely boundless potential. However, this description is true and false at the same time, as are all descriptions. The absolute can be both right and wrong, high and low. The absolute is above all law, and it is the law, and it is the law-abiding thing. Literally, anything can be said, and it would be true, or false, or true and false simultaneously. Such is the infinite potential of the absolute.

The absolute leaves nothing outside, and it leaves everything outside, and it makes no sense, and it makes sense. The boundless potential of the absolute is beyond and within all imaginations. Nothing needs to happen for the absolute to be, and everything needs to happen for the absolute to be. No amount of things can bring about the absolute, and any amount of things can bring about the absolute.

Descriptions are pale. Any descriptions go. There are no sacred or right descriptions, and the opposite is also true. The mind cannot comprehend this. And it can. Why say it cannot? Why say it can? No reason can be given, and all reasons are given. No matter what, the absolute does not compromise.


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Cover photo by Aman Upadhyay on Unsplash