The heart resting on the mind is instability. The mind resting on the heart is effortless living.

The substance of the heart is formless, yet the heart might be deceived by the forms of the mind to be a particular form. This identification results in misery.

The heart is the I Am, the Being without being anything.


Duality is in the mind only. Nature is but an idea. The idea is useful for physical survival. When it comes to psychological insight, duality becomes a hindrance, the mist that obscures perception. The mind has been trained, especially in modern times, to be extraordinarily capable of dissecting, analyzing, conceptualizing, all of which are products of duality. Nature does not exist except in the mind. When there is not the idea of nature, then everything is strangely natural. Then this conflict between man and nature is nothing but a false conception, and all conceptions are false, as they are in the mind only.