In the spiritual or philosophical search for truth, enlightenment, love, or the sacred, there is always a sense of lack. That lack is taken personally. The person then thinks that the lack has something to do with itself. The lack is impersonal. The lack is simply an appearance taking place. It does not care whether the person is successful or unsuccessful in its search. The search is also impersonal. The search appears. It does not care whether the person is satisfied or unsatisfied. There is nothing else to it. The search for a cause, explanation, theory, or some symbol of truth are all appearing by itself. This is the causeless, which is creation. Creation happens not because of something else, because that would imply a creator. There is no creator, because a creator is always personal. In reality, nothing is personal. The creator takes on attributes of personal qualities because the creator is created by the person, as in the instances in mythologies across time and space. There is no creator, and creation simply is. Nothing is behind creation, and that is the mystery and omnipotence of creation. Everything is created in the instant.