As it is: A little book on life, reality, and freedom describes directly the many issues in modern life. These issues are not new, but rather reiterations of ageless crises of human existence. This is an attempt to describe the indescribable, so that the mind is able to directly perceive the reality of life. Such direct perception liberates the mind from illusion. Liberation is the dissolution of all illusions. Then, perhaps, the mind might understand, non-verbally, the serene, immediate, vital, and sacred nature of existence.


Going to the Root asks some of the simple yet fundamental questions about life. These questions include: Is there permanence? What is creative living? Can prejudice end? Is beauty made by thought? Why are we isolated? Can knowledge solve our problems? And many more.

These questions are a starting point to begin questioning our most basic assumptions. This is the art of questioning, and this art is like a fire that burns away the illusions one holds. Illusion is bondage. Bondage is suffering. The understanding of illusion is therefore living freedom and joy.