With a light that cannot be put out by anything, fear is gone. The avoidance and escape is no longer a psychological condition, and that light is the passion for all things.

To watch the leaves, one’s thoughts, the noise that seems unpleasant, or the distant humming of machines, there commonly arises resistance. Resistance to this is the desire for that. The desire for that gives birth to the resistance to this. That desire or resistance divides life, therefore delivering an energy not whole, but fighting among fragments of itself, entangled, dissipating life force, and all the conflicts and wars are the natural consequence.

When energy is whole, it doesn’t flutter about. It doesn’t seek this and repel that. It perceives all. It is a strange sense, quite ineffable, but to describe it in the best terms, the word unafraid, open, vulnerable might come to mind. Open to anything, potential is truly infinite. No longer bound by memory and its tendency, movement is free, unpremeditated, and attached to nothing. Boundless indeed.

The mind has its bounds. Walls are built. Boundaries drawn. Such is the nature of mind, of thought. That seeking, that desire to become is the very movement of wall-building, is the very action of fear and avoidance, is to put a requirement on life, as if life can be ever put into a frame. Life constantly surprises. Such is the reminder that the frame is false, that becoming is suffering, and the contentment that one seeks isn’t over there, on top of a ladder or at the end of a road, but rather at the yielding to life’s vital movement. Such is in tune. Such is the harmony that thought can never build.

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Cover photo by Aman Upadhyay on Unsplash