Nothing wrong with impermanence

The sky is mostly covered by clouds, but a section is clear, and the afternoon sun shines through. It looks like the doorway to heaven, but without all the man-made gods that stand guard. What beautiful color. A hint of warm pink amidst the gray. The sight is so wondrous that it empties the mind, and for a moment there is only beauty and wonder, like that of a new born child seeing the world for the very first time.

If there ever is heaven, its door must be welcoming to anyone willing to enter. The question is, are we willing to let go?

The lake is distant, and this open area is quite big. Coming from the outside surrounded by concrete buildings, this is like a hidden oasis in a vast desert. A pleasant surprise. And because of all this open space, the few people that roams within seem so worry-free. They can finally stay away from the noise and bustle of the city, and like a cat that straightens its body after waking up, stretch out and relax into leisure. If there is ever a utopia, this might just be it. Even the strange human sculptures with their peculiarly modern and industrial styles seem so harmonious with this vast area of hills, grass, and water. What a pity that most people here might eventually return to a busy life, full of the sorrow of man.

The sorrow of man. It is a deep sorrow. It is the sense of never finding and always losing. It is the impermanence of life. It is the daily mourning of our little deaths: our days, pleasures, jobs, relationships. Have we ever noticed, that whenever we seek something, hidden beneath the seeking is always the impending doom? That implied in every pleasure is the pain of loss? We strive, achieve, wanting so much to arrive, yet nothing ever stays.

This sorrow runs deep, but facing this sorrow enlightens the mind. It opens the mind to the possibility of letting go, surrender, and acceptance. It softens the harsh criticisms, the rigid opinions, so one could exist effortlessly. There is no need to hold on. This sorrow happens because we don’t want to let go, because we refuse to face what’s real and actual. There is nothing wrong with impermanence. Our resistance to it produces our tortured mind.

The hills are quite something else. The trails in them do not intrude into the surrounding woods. You feel embraced by the trees. Anyone is welcome. Walk through and empties your worries and fears. The trees have not been planted or maintained by humans, so they exude a sense of wilderness not seen in most parks. This wilderness is raw and unpredictable, unlike the straight lines of city planning. Random sounds of branches falling and small animals heighten the hearing. Without knowing the destination, you are lost in the bliss and mystery that is nature. What a delight!


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Cover photo by Aman Upadhyay on Unsplash