Loneliness and Vitality

The reaction to loneliness is the desire for companionship. A companion is to be depended upon. This companion can be a person, a group, or an idea. Dependence creates a sense of comfort. In comfort, the mind is slack, lazy, inattentive. An inattentive mind has no vitality. The deadweight of life is the reliance on comfort.

Loneliness is created by comfort. The lack of comfort is loneliness. When the mind cannot rely on anything, it panics and searches for support because it has been conditioned to do so. Without support, the mind believes it will fall apart. This is an illusion. The mind believes that it requires psychological support to function, because it has not realized that no support is the fundamental support. Comfort is dead, as it does not change, nor does it want to change. The reliance on any person or idea sustains a life that is dead. Vitality is changing. Vitality is the very change that life demands. Loneliness is the sensation of lacking support, so it is also the invitation to find out the very vitality of life. The strength to face life does not come from any psychological support, as any support is destined to fall. This vitality is the inexhaustible strength. Comfort is exhausting, as the constant search for it and the constant anxiety induced by its unreliable nature dissipates energy. The inexhaustible energy comes from no source, nor can it be located. Any support is an illusion. Without support, the mind flows, as does life. Therefore, existence is effortless yet exuberant.


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