Energy moves

No destination is final. Every arrival is departure. Every station is a point in the process. No point is more important, however. When there is seeming importance of certain destinations, thought and desire congeal to those points. Pressure and tension begin to accumulate, and structure, tradition, and conditioning begin to take form. All these are a play of energy. No matter how strong the desire to arrive or stay at certain destinations is, by the very nature of energy, the moment the pressure builds up it begins to dissipate also. In the birth of something death has already begun. In other words, the living is the dying.

This shows a profound truth often ignored by a mind busy with pursuits: the freedom of energy. The mind, by pursuing some fixed point, wants to actually congeal that energy, concentrate it in a small area, but such attempts will always be met with frustration, since there isn’t a free understanding of energy. Energy moves. Let it move.

There isn’t positive or negative energy actually. However, to a mind too deeply buried in judgment and condemnation, blame and hatred, negativity seems very real, and the world becomes extremely polarized and antagonistic. Letting go of one’s negativity is quite important if there is a strong desire to feel peace and contentment. Negativity is characterized by the sense of lack, while the surrender of one’s negative thoughts already opens up the possibility of positivity. The surrender of hatred is already love. The surrender of condemnation is already redemption. Salvation isn’t about an external entity’s judgment of one’s sins. Rather, when the judge is absent in the mind and heart, salvation isn’t necessary at all. The serenity that is heaven is always accessible, but only seems undesirable by a negative mind.

Then, energy is supremely positive. There isn’t such a thing called negative energy. The mind’s arbitrary and vane judgments of energy is let go, and what’s revealed is the always already innocence of what is.


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Cover photo by Aman Upadhyay on Unsplash