Duality is in the mind only

Duality is in the mind only. Nature is but an idea. The idea is useful for physical survival. When it comes to psychological insight, duality becomes a hindrance, the mist that obscures perception. The mind has been trained, especially in modern times, to be extraordinarily capable of dissecting, analyzing, conceptualizing, all of which are products of duality. Nature does not exist except in the mind. When there is not the idea of nature, then everything is strangely natural. Then this conflict between man and nature is nothing but a false conception, and all conceptions are false, as they are in the mind only.

The mind plays with duality seriously. Here lies the misery. A play is never serious, because it is make-belief, pertains nothing truthful. When a play of ideas is taken seriously, then ideas assume the position of power and prestige, as our current society is. Knowledge becomes the currency, the passport for authority. One who is serious about truth is never serious with ideas. Go beyond all ideas. See concepts as what they are: concepts. Reality cannot be described, categorized, dissected. Dissection and analysis happen only in the mind. There is nothing to analyze about truth. Truth has no conflicts, because duality does not exist there. Truth is not one opposing another, is not logical support, is not dependent or conditional upon anything. It stands alone because it is the background upon which everything depends, and that aloneness is never lonely. It is the very basis of communion: limitless being.


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Cover photo by Aman Upadhyay on Unsplash