Consciousness is beyond space and time

Consciousness is beyond space and time. For some reason, the mind thinks it is an entity existing within space and time. It then proceeds to understand consciousness as a limited entity also, that consciousness exits within a body, and that body exists within space and time, between the past and future, among a universe of locatable objects. This is a dream. The dream seems very real, so this experience of space and time is taken very seriously. For the mind, space and time might be reality. Such is not the case.

If one observes simply, time only appears. So does space. Appearing is a very simple phenomenon. It simply appears. The cup, the tea leaves within the cup, the greenish water, the sunlight and the shadow it casts. All of these appear. Appearing is simply the function of consciousness. Things are displayed. The same goes for space and time. The idea of distance between Paris and Tokyo appears, and space seems to be real. The psychological distance between two human beings who used to be intimate appears, and only when such ideas appear does space seem to be real. When there is no consciousness of space, is there space? When we are not conscious of time, what is time?

Space and time is an interpretation of the appearance which isn’t bound by space nor time. Consciousness is the context within which all things appear. Time can appear, but time does not bind consciousness. Nor does consciousness have a boundary, contrary to what it tends to think. Birth and death are only beliefs that consciousness harbors, and no real birth nor death exists really. Such insight liberates the mind from its bondage, that it is limited, death-bound, or needing to arrive.


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Cover photo by Aman Upadhyay on Unsplash