Call off the search

The early evening light is mysterious. It has a sense of uncertainty, and contained within that uncertainty is potential. Unrealized, the potential is freedom. It is quite like the early morning light. It is liminal, in between, not here yet not there. It has the sense of the non-local, non-linear, as if it can be anywhere all at once.

The street light comes on. Human civilization has a peculiar desire to seek light, all the while ignoring the natural necessity and rhythm of darkness. It might come from ancestry, heredity, the cavemen and hunter gatherers, but in a civilization with such advanced technologies, some deep-seated ignorance still direct human endeavors, and one such ignorance is this ceaseless search.

Call of the search, for search will not find you freedom. Search is bondage. Search is believing in the illusion of satisfaction. Search is particular, partial, always skewed, opinionated, ready to launch an attack. Search is the warring state of mind. Search is beguiled by the promise of power, and power is always hungry for more. Search is an activity of consciousness, but do not identify with it. The search might go on, but only that which is still amidst the noise of search is true. Freedom is to be free from everything. Freedom from a part only bound one to another part. Freedom from the whole relies on nothing. It is truly boundless, without attachment. That freedom is supreme discipline. It is not the discipline of consciousness. It is not a determined practice, a renunciation. It is actually the seeing of the profound truth that searching leads only to bondage. Therefore it seeks nothing. It is truly unmoving, sharing the austerity of the mountain. It is truly virtuous, since it is free from all desire, all corruption. It is incorruptible, because it has absolutely no relation to anything.

This is the untouchable. It is nowhere to be found. Yet everywhere it is.


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Cover photo by Aman Upadhyay on Unsplash