A warm winter morning

It is a warm winter morning. That might sound paradoxical, but to the ducks resting on the frozen lake, the morning sun is quite calming and rejuvenating. Sitting by the lake, empty of worldly concern, the sun warms the body, a whisper of spring. Where the ducks rest peacefully, a small area of the lake is also unfrozen. Some of the ducks walk carefully around the edges, planting each step with hesitation, watching the rippling water with such curiosity, before they gently settle in the water, swimming ever slowly, wetting their feathers and beaks.

From time to time, ducks from far away fly to this gathering spot and make a splash in the water as they land. Yet, even with their flashy arrival, their landing is ever so graceful, the harmony of water and air.

The little sparrows scavenge in groups. They coordinate their flights down to the frozen lake, and pick up whatever they need quickly, and fly back to the overlooking branches. Their small size might have necessitated their quick movements, never staying still for long.

Since the little gathering on the lake is noteworthy, the people by the lake photograph the them, or comment on them, but few had the time to just sit quietly and observe them. People seem to be always on the move, some other occupations to be pursued. No wonder so much noise had been produced in the city. Yet, where humans erected fences to prevent entry into the lake, nature takes over. Where the noise seem to consume everything, the ducks remain quiet and relaxed. Nature is never concerned with human affairs. It goes on without human permission. No matter how much importance human beings ascribe to themselves, nature never acknowledges such foolish thoughts. The ducks swim and sit without any self-consciousness. They do what they do, simply, and such simplicity of action somehow eludes the human mind.

The skin tingles with warmness so subtle that it seems indistinguishable from the chilly winter air. Such delight can only be felt on a windless winter morning where the sun is strong and vital. The crows carry so much air in their enormous wings. Their flight is absolutely stable this morning.



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Cover photo by Aman Upadhyay on Unsplash