A free mind never holds

Identification with anything is a limitation. There is security in thinking that one is the body, the mind, a job, an identity, and so on. Yet implied in this security is the nagging insecurity, because anything within perception is transient, and the ultimate erasure of a separate existence is always pending. The job will end. The body will die. The mind will stop to exist. This is the root of the fear of death.

Identification limits consciousness to a particular part of itself. Consciousness then mistakes it to be only a part, but not the whole field. The field actually never changes, only the content of the field is transient. In such identification, the mind is never free, but bound by the illusory need to survive. In actuality, nothing survives, and such is the very freedom the mind is afraid of. Freedom is this very transience, is this constant change that goes on with abandonment and never looks back.

We are limited by our identification. We think ourselves to be very small, only a point in the grand universe, a cog in the system, a position within a multitude of positions. This is again a perspective produced by thought. The unlimited freedom cannot be found. What is found can only bind. When there is no identification with anything, who are we? We are not anything. Consciousness isn't any particular thing. It is all phenomena appearing and disappearing. There is no validity in any identification actually, but centuries of conditioning of the mind and body might have produced an illusory validity. A free mind never holds on to anything. Nothing can be held on to already. Reality is free by its nature, so there is no choice in this. Only bondage can be chosen and prolonged.


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Cover photo by Aman Upadhyay on Unsplash